Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres

Undoubtedly, along with Antoni Gaudí, one of the most important figures in Catalonia and an internationally-renowned artist is Salvador Dalí. Dalí is considered one of the highest representatives of surrealism and is known for his striking works, which include painting, film, sculpture and photography. The building of the Dalí Theater-Museum, located in the city of Figueres, is the third most visited in Spain.

Teatro-Museo Dalí, Spain

How to get to the Dalí Museum in Figueres from Barcelona?

The Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres is located about 145 km from the center of Barcelona. Transportation options:

  • By car: AP7 motorway (Barcelona-La Jonquera), exit Figueres or by the Nacional II (Barcelona-France).
  • Train: Barcelona - Figueres line (RENFE). The Theater-Museum is a 12-minute walk from the Figueres train station.
  • Bus: Barcelona and Maresme - Figueres line (SAGALÉS)

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